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Little miss Amelia is a 10ish year old 8lb min pin princess. She is learning that cuddles and kisses aren't bad.

She is your typical Min Pin. She can be a bit pushy and is definitely an alpha female. She loves to lay in the sun and cuddle in a soft blanket. She enjoys short walks and fruits and veggies. She sings a little song and does a little dance at meal time. Amelia is such a silly little bit and would love a mama of her very own to tuck her in at night. 

Clicking on the pets’ photo will take you to their Petfinder profile. You must fill out an adoption application  if you want to meet one of our pups. If after a meet & greet if  you want to do a trial adoption you will have 30 days to decide if you want to officially adopt your pup. During that 30 days the dog will still belong to Izzy’s Place and we will still have the right to make medical decisions. Please see the contract or contact Jodie or Nikki with any questions.  Click here to fill out the adoption application.  


Lupie came from New Mexico and is looking for a soft place to land. She's a super sweet girl that loves people and most dogs. She likes to go for walks and get loves.

1281 E. Magnolia St

Unit D #337

Fort Collins, CO 80524

(970) 325-3180





Tulo is a 9 year old English Bulldog that is looking for his permanent home as soon as he has a tumor removed on his eye.  He’s dog selective and prefers smaller pups but can be with dogs his own size as well.

He requires a daily dose of fluoxetine to help with his anxiety but does well with his humans and in a kennel when they’re gone for long periods of time. He just likes to lay around and sun himself mostly.

He’s also on a diet as he’s about 15 pounds overweight and needs to lose some to help his  breathing  and his joints. Over all he’s in great health, just needs the perfect family to take him home and treat him like the royalty he thinks he is.


This is Charlotte she is an amazing little girl at 2.5yrs old and boy does she have a sad story. We are looking for a foster home for this girl! She was a stray in St Croix and transferred to Estes park Co. Where she was put in an amazing training program. Over the next 18 months Char had been adopted 4 times and returned. He last adopter rehomed her to a lady In Eaton Co who left Charlotte in the country to fend for herself for nearly 3 weeks. When we were contacted about her she was on my friends farm... skin and bones feet a swollen mess barely able to walk. We cover all of her needs you provide love. Charlotte is an expert fence jumper and needs to be taken out on leash while were working on some recall training.


Dollie is an approximately 10 year old poodle/yorkie mix who came to Izzy’s due to no fault of her own. She is a sweet, shy, and sensitive girl who is looking for the perfect home to enjoy her golden years.

Dollie is a former puppy mill dog who has been in a couple different homes since then, so she takes her time in trusting and finding her way. In her foster home, she is warming up to her new family of humans and doggie brothers, but she likes to spend a lot of time alone in peace and quiet. Loud and sudden noises startle her, so a home with no children or older children who can be sensitive to that would be ideal. She often retreats to a quiet place when she is uncomfortable and comes back with everyone when she feels ready. So a home that can understand and accommodate that is a must.

Dollie has had very few housetraining issues since being in her foster home and has used a pee pad in the middle of the night when she needed to. She is great on a leash, is an amazing dancer when she is feeling playful, and loves to cuddle and sleep with her fosters at night.

She will be getting a dental to remove some teeth that are causing her some problems and will feel like a new lady soon. We will be accepting applications for her new home, but she will not be available until her medical needs are completed.

Dollie would do best in a home with small to mid-size doggie siblings who can show her the way and be understanding of her boundaries. She is a sweet and special girl who needs a family who can be patient with her and let her find the time to trust them and know that this will be her final and forever home.