Chinchilla Cage Setup

Comfort is the one thing everyone is concerned about when it comes to your Chinchilla cage. In a bid to achieve this, you begin to ask questions like what the best kind of cage for your Chinchillas is. If you are truly concerned about giving your Chinchillas the best, it is vital the kind of cage that best suits your little pet. Choosing a home for your chinchillas is quite similar to a human being choosing a home, as sit is based on luxury, space, comfort, and the environment.  Since it is your job as its owner, it is important to choose the best home there is for your chinchillas. It is important you consider the safety and environment of the pet’s new home before choosing for them.

What Do You Look for in a Cage?

Chinchilla Cage

What are the factors to consider when choosing a Chinchilla cage?


There is no stereotype when it comes to choosing the perfect cage size for your Chinchilla.   A study was carried out revealed that a large size of a best Chinchilla cage might not be a necessity.  A large cage for your chinchilla pet might not be ideal for them to play around or stay in. A space of about 24 inches was recommended for chinchillas between 6-7 months, which is likely to the best size for Chinchillas of that age group. Regardless of the size of cage you choose, you must be certain it has the right amount of space to allow your pets to have fun every single day.


Safety is an important subject to every one. Everyone wants to be protected. This is why it is important to consider the safety of a home before committing to it. In the same vein, every animal must be protected and sheltered. It is important that the safety of the cage is guaranteed when it comes to choosing the cage of your pet.  This is why you must pick a safety cage that is safe enough to keep your pets safe. The cage must also be made of durable materials capable of keeping them safe and can withstand their exercises. If you choose a wired cage, it is important that its floor is solid

Accessibility and ease of cleaning

Another important factor to consider is ventilation. When choosing a cage for your pet, it is important for the cage of your pet to be ventilated and have airflow. It is important to keep Chinchillas in a cage that is easy to clean after every use. Since your homes are accessible to humans, which makes them easier to clean, therefore the cage of your pet must also be clean and accessible.

Chinchilla Cage

Chinchilla Townhome – 36 inches Tall

The Chinchillas townhome cage is available in different sizes. Some cages which are as tall as 48 inches and 36 inches are referred to as the mansion and hometown type, respectively. The Chinchillas townhome cage has a feature that makes it collapsible and foldable. This feature allows your bird to get out of the cage and have some air.


A wheel cage is a form of chinchilla cage which should be on top of the list of any pet owner. The wheel is not made from plastic which makes it unsafe and risky for Chinchillas. This is because Chinchillas chew on plastics, which safe and unhealthy for them to ingest. The wheels are made from quality wooden materials inserted into a metallic ring of about 15 inches in diameter. This diameter has a silver coating which is used as the playing surface for the pets.

In conclusion, examples of Chinchillas cages are ledges, ramps, and hideouts which are similar to a box and offer a bedroom-like structure in their cage. When making boxes like this, it is important they are made from safe materials designed to make the chinchillas safe. Although Chinchillas’ cages might be small, they must still be made conducive for chinchillas to grow in.