Choosing the Fly Sheet for Horses

Providing proper care for horses requires not just about offering them the right amount of feed and water at the appropriate time, but it is also about making sure that the environment that they are inhabiting is safe. As such, any responsible horse owner will do everything to keep all that is within site inhabitable enough to keep his prized possession healthy and well. But you cannot be by your horse’s side every moment of the day. There are also threats that will be impossible to extinguish, especially those that are way too small for the human eyes to notice immediately. These threats include those flying insects that love to feast on a horse’s flesh. One way of keeping them safe is by wrapping them with the best fly sheets for horses whenever necessary to shield them from annoying insects that may try to bother them whenever they can.

Fly Sheet for Horses

Fly Sheets for Your Horses

Having a fly sheet for horses is one of the best things that you can have to keep your horse from those biting and infecting insects. They love to pester horses and will eat, defecate, and even reproduce on them without you even noticing it. It will only take a short while before stealthy, dangerous microorganisms have invaded and infected the skin of your horse if you would just let those bugs do their business.

One of the simplest, yet effective solution, to this problem is by covering your horses’ body with fly sheets. These sheets will not just act as a shield against these pestering insects and bugs, but will provide much comfort and warmth to your horse. Insect repellents, fly traps, misting systems, and other similar products, may also be used to address the same problem. However, the relief that these alternatives may provide will just be short-lived.

The fly sheets, on the other hand, can provide a solution that will last longer than other options. They can just be washed and replaced with another sheet whenever the last sheet that was used got soiled or needed to be replaced already. They can also serve another purpose than just a shield for those flys and bugs. They also serve as a protective layer over the horse’s skin whenever you would need to ride on its back.The horse can carry it anywhere it goes, so even if you will be in a place where insect repellents have not been sprayed, or there are no other insect shields used, your horse will still be protected with the fly sheet on its back.

Choosing the Best Fly Sheet for Horses

When looking for the appropriate sheets for your horses, you need to opt for those that would fit quite well on your fillies. That means when placed on your horse’s back, there would just be enough room for your horse to feel comfortable even with the sheet on it. Each sheet should sit well on your horse’s back just like how it is designed to be.

Fly sheets are made to be lightweight and are usually made of mesh. These sheets are used to protect the horse’s body from irritating, biting bugs and come with different designs.

Regular fly sheets are a mesh version of normal horse rugs. They are used whenever one needs to turn a horse out during warmer seasons. They came with tail flaps and surcingles that keep the sheet in place. There are sheets that are designed with leg straps. They do not need fillet strings to secure the sheet under the horse’s tail.

These fly sheets looks just like a suit or an upper body covering like the tops that humans were, except that they are designed to serve a different purpose, that is to keep their bodies from being the breeding ground and playground of disease-carrying insects and bugs.

There are two known types of horse fly sheets and they are called either Scrims or Turnouts. Scrim sheets are used on stalled horses or at shows. They are designed to cover the horse’s tack as well. Turnout fly sheets, on the other hand are those that are used for horses in outside or in pastures.

There are many options available when it comes to a horse’s fly sheet. When choosing the best fly sheets for your horse, you need to consider the comfort that wearing one will provide for your aside while extending the protection that it was primarily made for. Consider the material’s durability, toughness, tear resistance capacity, fit, color-fastness, and other features that will make a purchase a great buy.